Pascal Fontaine : Un miel aux saveurs uniques !

Pascal Fontaine: A honey with unique flavors!

REPORT - On the island of Reunion, there is a honey that cannot be found anywhere else. It has a unique scent, taste and above all a color.

Green honey is unique in the world and is difficult to harvest. Pascal Fontaine, its producer, does not hide his joy. His honey is exactly the right color. “Last year, we harvested practically nothing,” he confides.

To understand what makes it rare, you have to leave the honey house. Head to the Bélouve forest located in the heart of the Réunion national park. It is one of the most preserved primary forests on the island. Among the species found there is the red tan. It is he who gives the color and the name of green honey, an endemic tree present only in the Mascarene archipelago just like the bee which collects nectar from its flowers. This bee is endemic to Madagascar and then spread across the Indian Ocean. It is renowned as being one of the sweetest in the world, a blessing for beekeepers who harvest honey in a light outfit and in total serenity.

For the Fontaines, beekeeping has been a family affair for more than three generations. Regardless of age, they are all passionate about their profession. To taste this rare honey with unusual shades, count between 30 and 40 euros per kilo.

Article written by the TF1 INFO Editorial Team.

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