Une entreprise inspirée !

An inspired company!

My mother created her company “Les Métissés GRE” in 1996, and GRE represented the first letter of her daughters’ first names. My mother knew how to organize her entire life around the following values: harmony, happiness, love, ambition, honesty, and audacity! ✨

Imagine this family: a husband with extraordinary professional responsibilities, relentless hours at work; add to that, a woman, and not least, a business leader facing the prejudices of a limited time and whose open-mindedness is equivalent to the reflection of a goldfish; and finally, 3 children! 🫣

Imagine this woman. This business manager. This mother. Imagine the sacrifices she had to make to carry out her personal and professional projects while maintaining the perfect balance that many of us still seek today.

As a tribute to this strong woman, this loving mother, and this exemplary business leader, I wanted to give her the conviction that her daughters are proud to have her as a mother. That her past will be our future and that she will leave a great mark of her passage in our lives. 🫶

So I made the choice to choose GTF which represents the last names of my grandparents and parents that I love so much. Because our culture, our roots, this courage, this ambition, I owe it to these wonderful people who taught me everything. And the Mixed Races… Isn’t that what we are? 🔥

To my grandparents, my parents, and my sisters: this business is ours. 🌴✨
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