Litchi honey

Discover our Litchi Honey : rare and coveted. Available in limited quantities , don't miss this opportunity to savor a treasure from Reunion Island.


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Sweet groceries

Discover our sweet grocery store: honey , jams and many other products that will be difficult for you to resist!


Savory groceries

Discover our selection of peppers from Reunion Island for taste adventurers and our spices for dishes that will set the mood!



Our drinks catalog is the embodiment of sun, sea and relaxation in one glass!

Discover our rums , punches , beers , as well as our juices , lemonades and iced teas made in Reunion!


Herbal teas

Flavors and benefits for your health with our herbal teas !


Boxes and accessories

Need a gift idea ? Our varied boxes and accessories will allow you to discover and show off Reunion Island!