Pascal et Étienne Fontaine : une éloge à l’apiculture d’exception

Pascal and Étienne Fontaine: a tribute to exceptional beekeeping

Exploration of Bee Roots

In 1985, Pascal Fontaine began his beekeeping journey with nearly a hundred hives. As a traveling beekeeper, he spread his colonies across the island, exploring territories such as Cilaos and Salazie, adapting to seasonal blooms. A fraction of its hives remained sedentary, while others, mobile, moved according to the flowering of pink berries and lychees.

His son, Etienne, positions himself as a service provider, managing his own hives. Their collaboration extends to the careful selection of queens, infusing vitality and excellence into each swarm. Globally, each country is home to its own breed of bees, a diversity carefully maintained by this beekeeping dynasty.

Strategic Partnership and Rigorous Selection

In symbiosis with Etienne, Pascal identifies the exceptional hives in Le Tampon, initiating a rigorous selection to ensure quality. Etienne, as a key player, acquires the necessary cells, orchestrating their evolution before their integration into productive hives. Their combined efforts define a meticulous and iconic approach.

The company, run by three employees dedicated to the hives and workshops, demonstrates an unalterable commitment to quality. Pascal's wife, also an active member, supervises the packaging and preparation of sales, embodying harmony within this hive of activity.

A Rooted Beekeeping Philanthropy

Pascal's quintessence is expressed in the creation of exceptional honey, awakening deep satisfaction among his loyal customers. Laudatory testimonials and official recognitions emanate from local markets, honoring Pascal Fontaine as a pioneer of Reunion beekeeping. Its unfailing commitment to natural beekeeping, devoid of chemicals, underlines its quest for an essential symbiosis with nature.

Meteorological Pitfalls and Perpetual Adaptation

Climatic vagaries, such as drought and isometry, impose their share of challenges on beekeepers. Pascal mitigates these risks by dispersing his hives over various sites, forming a protective canvas against cyclones. However, the harvest of lychee and pink berry honey has recently declined, highlighting the need for constant adaptation to changes in the beekeeping sector.

Excellence in the Face of Competition

Within the Reunion beekeeping community, Pascal establishes selective collaborations, favoring partnerships aligned with common values. His quest for beekeeping singularity shines through in his meticulous choices, revealing honeys with distinct aromas from specific forests and flowers.

Its fruitful collaboration with CYROI, a state-subsidized research center, demonstrates its commitment to qualitative production. It offers samples for in-depth analyses, thus contributing to the enhancement of Reunion’s biodiversity.

International Recognition

The gold medals won in metropolitan competitions attest to the excellence of Pascal's honeys. In February 2024, his enthusiastic participation at the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris underlines his constant desire to broaden the horizons of recognition for his creations.

In this delicate ballet between nature and work, Pascal Fontaine embodies the quintessence of a committed beekeeper, perpetuating noble values ​​at the heart of his activity.

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