Les Métissés GTF : L’île aux trésors !

Les Métissés GTF: Treasure Island!

A volcanic land, Reunion Island is full of natural riches, the mere mention of which is enough to awaken our taste buds. Family e-boutique, Les Métissés aims to bring together those nostalgic for the intense island and, more generally, all gourmets eager for new things, around an exceptional sweet and savory grocery store. Originally from Reunion Island, Emelyne Fontaine has put all her knowledge to good use to select for you from the best suppliers the ultimate from her cradle island: Victoria pineapple jam and passion fruit, arranged rums, spices (massalé, caloupilé powder, vanilla pods, etc.), peppers etc. An assortment that will undoubtedly allow you to travel through taste to the kingdom of white scented woods, straws-en-queue and turquoise waters. Also at your disposal is a variation of herbal teas to treat and comfort. For the end of year celebrations don't miss the lychee jam with raspberry coulis!
Article written by the GALA team.
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