Raphaël, mon bien-aimé neveu

Raphaël, my beloved nephew

Along the boundaries that trace our separate paths, each part of my being is enriched by the light emanating from his presence. As my sister's second jewel, he transcends the label of simple nephew to become a dazzling burst of affection and energy, a perpetual source of joy which, even thousands of kilometers away, nourishes my days. He is the very essence of love and innocence, radiating a comforting aura that transcends boundaries.

The candor of his face, this face of love, becomes the archetype of comfort, an image that evokes memories marked with sweetness and joy. At the dawn of these ten years, his ardent personality and his strong character are already revealing promising beginnings, arousing admiration and wonder. His perseverance in the face of challenges gives him a singular distinction, announcing future successes.

His unwavering desire to always excel remains an immeasurable source of inspiration for our entire lineage. His innocence, sometimes tinged with naivety, takes on the nobility of rare authenticity and sincerity.

The geographical distance that separates us, instead of attenuating, strengthens his will. His enthusiastic commitment to my small business demonstrates a maturity that transcends the years. His dedication, even across continents, constitutes an act of love and solidarity that erases borders.

The grace with which he constantly seeks the happiness of others, his propensity to sow joy around him, are precious melodies that resonate and illuminate our lives, even in this virtual era.

So, dear treasure, I wish to express my deep gratitude to you. Thank you for embodying this constant source of joy, light and inspiration. Your presence, even through pixels, remains a blessing that enriches my days immeasurably. Thank you for infusing my small business with the vigor and determination that only a ten-year-old soul can provide.

With infinite tenderness,

Auntie Mel.
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