Du temps. Juste du temps…

Time. Just time...

Les Métissés GTF is a company full of stories: some good ones and some bad ones. But what would life be without its share of surprises? 😅

My paternal grandmother left this world. She was the last member of the second generation of my family, F, joining members G and T, who have always had an essential place in my heart.

As the ocean waves separate our two worlds, my heart aches thinking that I might not be there to say goodbye in person. 🧐

The regret of not being able to hug him one last time weighs heavily on me. Although I am far away physically, my heart is with him in thoughts. I carry with me every shared smile, every burst of laughter, every precious moment we experienced together. Our connection, despite the physical distance, will remain intact, because the love we shared transcended the miles that separated us.

Each time I visited her, she got up with admirable determination, despite the difficulties of walking, to accompany me to the gate. These hesitant steps were a testimony to her immeasurable love, and the tears she shed when I left were an offering of affection and gratitude for the precious moments shared. 🙏

The moments of complicity and laughter that we shared while evoking an imaginary pilot were an inestimable source of joy. With each sound of a plane or helicopter flying over her house, she recalled with mischievous tenderness this pilot dressed in blue, who had come to greet her. This gentle metaphor for love that constantly hovered over our relationship was a reflection of our unique and unwavering bond.

Laughter and secrets of our own, a connection that strengthened the bond between us. While others might have struggled to understand her, we understood each other without words, with the silent language of pure love.

We have always known how to love each other from the heart, without reservation or condition. 🫶

May your departure towards new horizons be smooth. My dear grandmother, your love will continue to shine in my life, even thousands of miles away.

May the afterlife hold comfort, joy and love for you. 🙏

Thank you for everything you have given me over all these beautiful years.

With infinite tenderness… 🕊️❤️


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